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Havoc Marketplace Refund policy

Refunds on Havoc are designed to take the risk out of purchasing potentially buggy software and to put confidence into users so they know the products they purchase will work as intended. Users are encouraged to read through the policy below to understand when a refund request is appropriate, and when it is not.

Note: Any software purchased on Havoc can be refunded with the exception of gift purchases.

When refunds apply

Refunds can be requested within 7 days of the purchase date. If a product has its own refund policy in the product description, users should contact the seller directly to inquire about a refund. If the user and seller are unable to reach an agreement, Havoc reserves the right to overrule any decisions made by the seller on a case-by-case basis.

Abuse of the refund system

Below are some common examples of when a refund will not be issued:

"I don't want to/can’t jailbreak"

Refunds will not be issued for users who do not have a jailbroken device. All product pages on Havoc are marked with a "Jailbreak required" badge, which offers sufficient warning to those who do not wish to jailbreak their device. If you are unsure if you can jailbreak or if you are jailbroken, you should check here before purchasing products on Havoc.

"I accidently bought it"

Refunds are not a way for you to swipe your card first, ask questions later. You should not be purchasing a product unless you have read the product's description. If it is clear you did not do your basic due diligence, it is unlikely you will receive a refund.

Serial refunders

In order to prevent abuse, users who frequently request refunds can be denied at the discretion of the seller or Havoc.

Incompatible software

Refunds will not be issued for software that is not compatible with your device or iOS version. Havoc sellers are required to provide compatible iOS versions for their products, allowing you to educate and inform yourself about the compatibility of the product. Software compatibility is verified by Havoc before any product can be published and it is safe to assume that the software is compatible with your device if your device's iOS version is listed within the product's compatibility range.

Try after you buy

The refund system is not designed to enable "try before you buy" functionality. Some products on our marketplace offer "lite" or free versions, allowing you to preview the product before you purchase. You can also find reviews/discussion on popular social media sites like Reddit and YouTube (beware of scams) to help you decide whether the product is for you.

How to request a refund

  • If a product has its own refund policy in the product description, users should contact the seller directly to discuss a refund.
  • If the user and seller are unable to reach an agreement after 72 working hours (not including weekends), or if the seller has not set their own refund policy, users can email Havoc Support to request a refund. Including screenshots of previous attempted refund discussions with the seller will significantly speed up the process and increase the likelihood of a successful refund.
  • If you are having trouble installing your purchase on your device, you should contact Havoc Support directly instead of the seller.
Last Updated: May 14th, 2022
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