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March 15, 2022

iOS Versions

14.3 or later

(Jailbreak required)




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A11 devices like iPhone 8/X which have been jailbroken with Checkra1n cannot have passcode or FaceID/TouchID. Checkl0ck is a tweak for such devices to give you back the passcode and biometric capabilities.


  • Set native passcode (supports both numeric and alphanumeric passwords)
  • Unlock your device with FaceID/TouchID
  • Autofill passwords in safari and supported apps using FaceID/TouchID
  • Use FaceID/TouchID for biometric authentication in 3rd party apps
  • Compatible with tweaks that use biometric authentication feature via LAContext api (for example: FaceIDforHiddenPhotos, HiddenAlbumLock, SafariPlus, A-Shields)
  • Sign-in with Apple using FaceID/TouchID
  • Provides passcode or TouchID protection when adding VPN configurations
  • Support for viewing/deleting protected notes with FaceID/TouchID
  • Install free apps from Appstore using FaceID/TouchID (for paid apps, you will need to use your apple id password)
  • Hide notifications text when device is locked

To quickly get started, simply follow the setup instructions listed in the checkl0ck settings screen. These instructions will change depending on your device model and whether existing biometric data was found.

Known issues:

FaceID/TouchID may not work in certain apps with extreme level of security such as bank/finance apps. While checkl0ck has been tested to work in many bank apps, i cannot gurantee that it will work perfectly in the thousands of bank apps worldwide. If you encounter such issue, try using a jb bypass tweak because many bank apps refuse to use biometric authentication when detecting jailbroken device. Some known apps which are not able to use biometric authentication with Checkl0ck are: Chase, Huntington, USAA, Wells Fargo, Revolut.

Will it work in non-jailbroken mode?

Obviously not! When you reboot to non-jailbroken mode, you will have no passcode and no TouchID/FaceID.

Can anyone can reboot my device and get access to it?

Yes but the probability of your friends/colleagues doing it is very low because they will think you already have passcode/TouchID/FaceID and hence won't realise that it's only applicable in jailbroken mode. So you should be safe in most cases. A little security is better than no security at all!

Will this work on other jailbreaks which have non functional FaceID from broken SEP due to futurerestoring?

No, this tweak will only work on checkra1n A11 devices which can setup FaceID in non-jailbroken mode.

Apple Pay/Appstore purchases is not and will not be supported because that requires SEP for processing and verification of transactions. This is done inside the secure enclave chip to prevent any possible hacking of your money or cards.

For a demo, checkout the YouTube video review by ProfeJuAntonio:


Feel free to mail me at [email protected] or message me on Twitter @foxfortmobile in case you have any queries.

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What's New

Version History

-Added option to enter passcode when FaceID fails in apps -Fixed failed FaceID/TouchID alerts sometimes showing behind apps

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