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Springtomize 4





May 16, 2022

iOS Versions

10.0 - 12.5.5

(Jailbreak required)




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Customize your device like never before.

Springtomize 4 is the only tweak you will need to customize your device the way you like it. With more than 100 different options, from the number and the size of icons on the homescreen, to animations, to even the most remote aspect of iOS, you will finally have full control over how your device looks and behaves.

Modify and apply settings in seconds.

We have worked really hard to deliver you the best user experience, and this is why most of the options in Springtomize 4 no longer require a respring and can be applied in real time. Moreover, for the very few options that do require a respring, Springtomize will show you a beautiful Status Bar notification.


Profiles is a groundbreaking new feature for you to experience Springtomize in a much better way than you ever have.

With Profiles, you can maintain an unlimited amount of different configurations and switch back and forth among them. 

This for example allows you to keep a "Clean" profile, with hidden icon labels and some other minimalistic options, as well as a "Fun" profile with dozens of cool animations, custom fonts etc.

You can add, duplicate and remove profiles with ease in its dedicated section in the Settings. 

Unmatched performances and efficiency.

We have been rewriting Springtomize 4 from scratch with an eye out for iOS 10, which means that it is much faster, more energy efficient and more user friendly.

It is powered by a powerful settings engine which is technically superior to any other configuration management tool you may have used before.

Feel free to get in touch.

If you think that there is something wrong with how Springtomize 4 works, then you will be happy to hear that we have included a Bug Reporting panel. Moreover, if you would like to see a new feature implemented in Springtomize 4, just let us know through the "Feature Request" panel from within Settings.

Your turn.

Words can describe a lot, but they can't give you the feeling of using Springtomize and they can't make you experience the true power of Profiles, so why don't you give it a try?

Get Springtomize 4 today and start customizing your device, all over again.

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Support for 12.4.5