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May 5, 2022

iOS Versions

13.0 - 14.8.1

(Jailbreak required)




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A true Ambient Display experience you deserve.


Photon offers three different styles to choose from:

  • Minimal
  • Modular
  • Watch Face

There are also a lot more options to customize the appearance of your Ambient Display.

Most 3rd party tweaks are supported out of the box. Just to name a few:

  • Jellyfish
  • Complications
  • Sylph
  • Grupi
  • Xen HTML
  • AutoUnlockX
  • and probably more...


Photon supports multiple gestures to dismiss it's Ambient Screen to make the experience as stock as it can get:

  • Raise to Wake
  • Tap to Wake
  • Slide up to Wake (Notice: Non Home button devices only)
  • Home/Side button

Haptic Feedback and an option to configure the Number of Touches for Tap to Wake is also present.

watchOS faces

Yes you read it right. Photon has selected watchOS faces builtin to make up a beautiful Ambient Display experience. These can be configured from the settings pane. (Apple Watch not required!)

Notice: Availability of Watch Face types depend on your iOS version. Not all Watch Faces are supported. iOS supported Watch Faces: 'X-Large', 'Numerals', 'Simple', 'Colour', 'Numerals Duo', 'Numerals Mono'. iPadOS does currently only support 'X-Large', 'Numerals Duo', 'Numerals Mono' faces.

(Known issues: Face Gallery Menu localization bug on iPadOS).


Photon includes a builtin widget view which can be turned on/off from the settings pane. It is turned off by default.

Included widgets:

  • Weather
  • Weather Image
  • Music
  • Battery
  • Activity (will replace Battery Widget if selected, requires Activity app)

(Known issues: Weather shows 0°) : Try these steps to fix: -1. Re-install and open the stock Weather app, -2. Configure a default location in stock Weather app, -3. Wait

Control Center Module

Install the tweak 'CCSupport' to get an optional CCModule, which lets you change settings on the fly.


Tweak support will be provided via email ([email protected]).

(Known issue: Crashing to safe mode): Fix: There seems to be a conflicting tweak. Make sure to uninstall all tweaks, rejailbreak and install Photon again to find the conflicting one. Please report this via email.

Return Policy

Please read the description carefully (including this policy) before purchasing.

Refund requests will be accepted within 24 hours upon purchase under acceptable circumstances. Please describe your issue clearly. The request will be closed if no response is made via Havoc chat within 7 days. Refunds requested due to an issue which is stated in this package description page will be refused (as these are known issues). Refunds requested due to an issue which is not stated in this package description page (e.g. safe mode issues) must provide clear details of the issue. These type of issues will usually be addressed via email. (bug fixes) Please send an email with crashlogs, screen recordings of the issue to: [email protected]

Refund requests with battery usage as a subject and usage with default recommended settings need to provide prove of the devices battery usage screen and the battery health screen (screenshots).

I reserve the right to decline requests at my own discretion. Frequent, vulgar refunds will be noted and rejected.

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What's New

Version History

Fixed an issue that caused Apple Watch paired devices to overheat and drain battery, because of 'appconduitd' getting stuck.

Fixed an issue that caused random and at midnight resprings for Apple Watch paired devices.

Fixed Face ID scanning is now disabled properly, thanks @LaughingQuoll for helping out.