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February 10, 2022

iOS Versions

14.0 - 14.8

(Jailbreak required)




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Lynx 2 - Ultimate Device Customization for iOS 14

Requires Cephei, libsparkcolourpicker, and libSparkAppList

On iOS 12 or 13? Try out Lynx

If you cannot purchase Lynx for any reason, contact me on Twitter and we can work something out. Refunds will only be accepted for 48 hours after purchase, 'too many options' requests will be ignored, please read the entire description before purchasing.


Lynx Settings Page

* Choice between list or grid layout

* Search bars for looking for a specific feature

SpringBoard (System-Wide)

* Select Dark/Light apps

* Select custom app tint (badges, navigation bars, tab bars)

* Hide Bluetooth and Paste banners

* Disable plugged in vibration

* Lock device when facedown

* Hide Dock Background

* Hide Dock divider (iPadOS)

* Double tap Homescreen to lock

* Disable SpringBoard rotation

* Hide table view separators

* Use modern table view style

* Hide scroll bars

* Hide search bars

* Hide search bar backgrounds

* Hide Home Bar (globally, lock screen & home screen)

* Use custom Home Bar height & width

* Use small navigation bar titles

* Hide navigation bar accent line

* Select custom switch color

* Hide system separators

* Tint tab bar badges with app

* Hide tab bar labels

* Use haptic feedback on tab bar buttons

* Hide Homescreen page dots

* Hide screenshot preview

* Disable screenshot sound

* Hide open folder background

* Hide open folder title

* Hide folder icon background view

* Set the custom number of dock icons, folder rows, and columns

* Enable Drag & Drop

* Auto expand notification banners

* Tint UISwitch knob


* Enable MagSafe animation

* Hide clock label

* Hide clock subtitle

* Custom clock alpha

* Custom clock subtitle alpha

* Set custom clock font-weight

* Set custom clock font size

* Set custom clock font

* Hide Control Center grabber

* Hide battery view

* Always use Do Not Disturb dark style

* Hide Press to 'Unlock/Swipe up to Unlock' text

* Use custom 'Press to Unlock/Swipe up to Unlock' text

* Show Press to 'Unlock/Swipe up to Unlock' text immediately

* Hide Page Dots

* Hide Do Not Disturb banner

* Pull to clear notifications

* Use Modern notification icons

* Hide notification swipe separators

* Hide passcode cancel button

* Hide passcode emergency button

* Hide passcode backspace button

* Hide 'Enter Passcode' text

* Use custom 'Enter Passcode' text

* Use passcode button haptic feedback

* Hide both or individual Lockscreen quick action buttons

* Hide Lockscreen quick action button background blur

* Show number of notifications in-app group

* Hide 'No Older Notifications'

* Use border shadows on notifications and banners

* Disable unlock animation

App Library

* Disable App Library on iPhone

* Open in list mode by default

* Hide Pod background blur

* Hide Pod category name

* Hide folder app labels

* Hide folder titles

* Hide search bar blur

* Hide magnifying glass icon

* Haptic feedback on open

* Haptic feedback on close

* Delete apps in List mode

Status Bar

* Use iPad style on iPhone

* Hide iPad style date

* Hide Camera and Microphone usage dot

* Hide breadcrumbs

* Hide globally

* Hide on Lockscreen

* Hide on Homescreen

* Hide battery

* Hide battery bolt

* Hide battery percentage string

* Show battery percentage inside the icon

* Hide Wi-Fi signal

* Hide cell signal

* Hide clock

* Hide carrier text

* Hide location arrow

* Hide rotation lock

* Hide Do No Disturb moon

* Hide Bluetooth icon

* Hide Alarm bell

* Hide Airplane mode

* Hide VPN icon

* Hide CarPlay icon

* Hide 'Not Charging' text

* Hide lock icon (non-notched devices)

* Hide screen recording colored pill/bar

* Hide screen recording pill/bar

* Use Wi-Fi address as carrier text

* Use custom carrier text

* Use the current date as the carrier, and set a custom format

* Use a custom time format


* Hide 3D Touch remove stack

* Hide 3D Touch configure widget

* Hide 3D Touch configure stack

* Hide 3D Touch edit home screen

* Hide 3D Touch share app

* Hide 3D Touch delete app

* Hide 3D Touch pause download

* Hide 3D Touch cancel download

* Hide 3D Touch prioritize download

* Hide 3D Touch separators

* Hide 3D Touch images

* Show Wi-Fi address on settings platter

* Show battery percentage on settings platter

* Add 'Clear Badges' option

* Add 'Rename App' option

* Hide icon labels

* Use custom icon label color

* Hide recently updated dots

* Hide beta app dots

* Use average icon badge color

* Hide icon badges

* Hide icon badge text

* Show download percentage

* Hide apps on SpringBoard

App Switcher

* Use grid style (iPhone)

* Use page style (iPad)

* Hide app suggestion banner

* Hide app icons

* Hide app name labels

* 3D Touch or swipe down to kill all running apps

* Use kill all apps confirmation

* Prevent killing of now playing apps

* Disable side 3D touch gesture


* Hide labels on Homescreen

* Hide stack side scroll dots

* Tap on battery widget for Low Power Mode

* Hide battery widget empty rings

* Hide battery widget separator lines (4x4)

* Hide Siri widget separator lines (4x4)

* Hide view on Homescreen

* Hide view on Lockscreen

* Use border shadow with custom color and intensity

Control Center

* Disable Control Center

* Actually disable Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

* Hide Camera and Microphone usage label

* Use rounded modules

* Show volume and brightness slider percentages

* Hide top chevron

* Fit blurred view to CC view (iPadOS and non-notched devices)

* Use border shadow with custom color and intensity on modules and background view 


* Use custom first name

* Use custom last name

* Hide cell icons

* Use rounded cell icons

* Hide chevrons

* Hide 3rd Party Apps

* Hide COVID-19 exposure notifications

* Show local Wi-Fi address

* Show & copy UUID in About section


* Hide 'Up Next' & 'Queue' popups

* Show all recently added songs in Library

* Use 3 column recently added list (iPhone)


* Skip photo deletion

* Show image size in the title

* Use infinite zoom


* Replace Arcade tab with updates button


* Hide dialer button background

* Show exact call time

* Change date format of calls

* Hide 3rd party app calls

* Hide voicemail tab

* Hide call button background

* Use custom call button background


* Hide pinned conversation glow

* Hide separators in the conversation list

* Use a custom pinned bubble background-color

* Use custom pinned bubble label text color


* Use iPad style layout

* Hide recent picture preview

* Disable shutter sound

* Double-tap to flip

Experimental features

* Use the notched status bar on non-native devices

* Use flat Safari search bar

* Set custom screen corner radius

* Use custom icon scale

* Use iPhone X style UI

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What's New

Version History

New Features

  • Added option to automatically close folders when launching apps inside
  • Added option to override Dock interface style
  • Added option to clear spotlight when dismissing
  • Added option to hide select App Library Categories
  • Added option to disable CarPlay splash screen (@EthanWhited)


  • Fixed/reenabled custom folder icon rows & columns
  • Fixed app locking option not protecting apps in certain situations, options now located in Icons section
  • Fixed Today View widget edit button not hiding
  • Fixed App Library subfolders glitching when opened