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May 4, 2022

iOS Versions

7.0 or later

(Jailbreak required)




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A new take on your icons with vibrant gradients and paneled glyphs!

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  • 600 icons
  • Settings icons (3 versions)
    • Original
    • White glyphs
    • Black glyphs
  • Animated clock and calendar icons
  • 34 wallpapers here
  • 2 badge styles
  • 1 icon mask
  • 2 icon effects
  • Page dots


Once purchased, all future updates are free.

If you own Colorly, Colorly Dark, or Volta, you receive a 10% discount on this theme.

Snowboard and its respective extensions are required for this theme to take effect. There are icons for Unc0ver, Zebra, and Altstore but they have to be applied manually by entering edit mode, double tapping on their respective icons, going to the "All Icons" page and selecting the themed icon.

Icon Requests

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Version History

Version 1.0 --> 300 icons

Version 1.1 --> 400 icons

Version 1.2 --> 500 icons

Version 1.3 --> 600 icons

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What's New

Version History

Added 100 new icons